Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sintec 818 (revisit)

Recently joined another group using the Sintec 818.

Pix from internet

Feedback after a few games are that the shuttle tend to slow down after a few hits. The slowdown seem to be on the later part of the flight. And a number of the shuttles from the same tube tend to be have inconsistent flight speed, Shuttle speed quality is thus quite batch dependant.

As before, feather does not break easily but tend to be ruffled easily. Would require atleast 2 shuttles if anyone does above average smashes during a set.

For SGD$28 a tube, I reckon there are better buys out there.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Toalson Green

Not used before.

The cork structure speaks for itself and is common for the price range.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

RCL Black Silver

The Black Silver is one of the better shuttlecock(s) we have tested from RCL (so far).

The shuttle is of reasonable weight, rib cage build quality is not the best but is above average quality. And the internal label has a tendency to came off after a few hits.

Flight characteristics is similar to RSL Tourney No1 but with much better durability. Initially a bit fast until after scoring a few points. There after it has been broken in. The Black Silver is then playable for quite a while.

Like all shuttles utilised, it is a balance between cost, durability and performance. For instance, the flight characteristics of the Black No1 is better than the Black Silver. However the Black Silver is much more durable than the Black No1. The Black Gold is even more durable but we find it has a tendency to slow down quite a bit after a few hard smashes - much alike RSL Supreme.

Monday, December 1, 2014

RCL T-1000

One of the groups I frequent bought a few tubes of the RCL T-1000 after being told these were the Black Silver in new packaging (by unscrupulous shop in Malaysia) !????!

Pix from the RCL website

After using the T-1000 for a couple of sets, I traded notes with the other players from the game. The feedback were pretty similar.

The T-1000 is lighter than the Black Gold/Silver and closer to Black No1. It does require more energy when hitting low powered shots eg drops, tap(s) around the net area, etc. The T-1000 seem to perform as expected during clear(s) and smashes(s).

Durability wise was much better than Super Top and Gold No1. The T-1000 durability is about that of  RCL Black No1. Hence you would require atleast 2 shuttles for a smashing game.

Flight characteristics wise, the T-1000 is not as accomplish as Black No1.

Overall it is a good shuttle for amateurs players.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fake "Yonex" shuttlecocks

Was a visitor to a newly formed group in the East the other night. They advertised using Yonex shuttlecocks in Badmintoncentral. The organiser is active in MEETUP when I did a search on the net referencing the contact number.

Had a shock of my life once they passed a new shuttlecock for a game - you know it's a fake as the tube and the logo colour(s) are "off-tone", the shuttles are light with a flimsy rib-cage structure.

The fake AS-40 deforms after any 2nd or 3rd clears - not even smashes ...

Did not get a sample. Hence I found the following pix from a Chinese website. Atleast the selling website was honest and stated these are more suitable for cost-effective training.

Sample from the net

Quality of the shuttlecock is similar to the Prince Red in one of my previous post(s). Shuttlecocks in the above pix looks okay but trust me ... these must be the better condition ones from the tubes.

 Definitely will not be visiting this particular group again!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Badminton Coaching videos from Victor

Came across the above while checking the Victor website.

Link to coaching videos

Although the videos are in mandarin, there are subtitles in English.


New material will be added to my new blogspot website at

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Shuttlecock durability spray????

Has anyone tried any of these products?

Am wondering if these are the equivalent of  snake oil  for the badminton world?

Found the following examples on the net.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Li-Ning shuttlecock with replaceable feathers

Found the following sample in one of the halls I frequent.

Here are close-up(s) of the shuttle.
Li-Ning shuttle with replacable feather rib-cage

2 replacable feathers removed from the shuttle
The tip of each of the feathers has been made into a uniform "shape" eg alike a chisel.

Close-up of the rib-cage structure

Another view of the rib-cage structure

I called the local Li-Ning agent to enquire of the cost for replacement feathers.

Surprise surprise ...

Replacement feathers are not available separately. Only a few replacement feathers will be provided in every tube sold.

This is like discovering the wheel but then deciding to lock it away!!!

Guess the only thing which matters nowadays is the bottom line ...