Monday, April 2, 2018

Any one seen the Lee Chong Wei Biopic movie - the coach "processing" shuttles???

Was wondering if anyone saw the LCW biopic and notice his hometown coach processing shuttlecocks with broken feathers - replace the broken feathers by matching with good spare feathers?

Is this a common practise worldwide?

Thursday, March 1, 2018

RSL Mars

Found this newbie RSL shuttle in one of the halls I frequent. Never used before and adding to the repository for record purposes.

RSL Mars with budget-type cork structure

Thursday, February 1, 2018

RSL Mercury

Not used before, found in one of the halls I frequent.

Cork structure of the budget variety

Monday, January 1, 2018

Ashaway Orange (***Update***)

Joined a friend playing with a group at a nearby school badminton hall recently made available for general booking over the weekends.

They were using this Ashaway Orange shuttle. Suppose to be a training shuttle ...

Durability is acceptable for a social game.

Cost is unknown.

Performance. Well ... atleast it was consistently slow. The speed was alike between Speed-76 and Speed-77 (but closer to Speed-76 side), with a nasty tendency to drop steeply towards the end of the flight path.


Have not played with the following and found the sample in one of the badminton halls I frequent.

Enclosure for documentation purposes.

Friday, December 1, 2017

RSL Ultimate

Just tried using the RSL Ultimate when I joined a friends' friend session over the weekend.

Pix from internet

Playing using the RSL Ultimate really reminds me of what the Tourney No1 used to be like  ... before 2007, when profits weren't the only thing which matter to the MNC(s).

Performance: Great! Slows only slightly after a few hard smashes, unlike the Supreme which starts "accumulating air-brakes". The Ultimate then retains the "broken-in" performance for quite some time.

Durability: As good as the pre-2007 Tourney No1 aka Very good!

Price: Not cheap but atleast you get what you paid for!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Kason KS70 (Orange)

Have not tried this shuttle before and adding for documentation purposes.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Shuttlely (local SG brand)

Was informed by a visitor to the blog of this brand. I then proceeded to the website to request for samples.

Self collected the samples of 2-tubes, with 3 shuttlecocks per tube. Speed-77.  

Cork structure is 3-layer as per stated on their website.

Out of the tube, the shuttle has an acceptable feel - not too heavy nor light. Feather quality is above average. 

Sample tube with 3 shuttlecocks

I then introduced the shuttles into our next weekly game. Managed to locate only 5 of the 6 samples provided. No idea what happen to the 6th sample??

The following are the pix(s) of the resultant usage.

Sample-1/6 (normal wear and tear)
Sample-2/6 (slight ridcage lob-sided)
Sample-3/6 (slight ridcage lob-sided)
Sample-4/6 (ridcage very lob-sided)
Sample-5/6 (broken feather)


PERFORMANCE: Flight characteristics is good until the shuttle need to be replace.

DURABILITY@Statistically (based on available samples), more than 50% had a lob-sided ribcage structure which was resultant of high intensity smashing games.

@ To be fair to Shuttlely I must point out that most of the players in our group have undergone some form of formal training. Hence the intensity of their smashes are above that of the average players. It's like comparing the intensity of a Karate chop blow from a white belt (beginner - injury to hitter!!) vs red belt (intermediate-slight injury to opp) vs black belt (advance-atleast moderate injury to opp!).

A tube of Shuttely No3 (if extrapolated) would last roughly about the same duration as the RSL Supreme - 40min for my regulars; we do use other brands and models of shuttlecocks from time to time to keep pace with market developments.

COST: $25 per tube. Good value for most of the player population, Why pay for gold plating when it is not required! About time...

In summary, I can recommend Shuttlely shuttlecocks for most games. GOOD value for money in the Singapore market when compared to the available products at that price bracket, as there is balance of durability and performance together with reasonable cost.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Ling Mei Golden

A friend recently switch to the following brand and model of shuttles after trying out various shuttlecocks available in the Johor and Singapore market.

Tube colours for the Golden

Ling Mei states it is a China branded product. Searching the China market for the Golden, there is clearly no such model as Ling Mei uses numeric designation(s) in PRC. My guess for the most likely equivalent is the L-10 (see pix below), based on the colour of the sticker on the back of the shuttle head.

Ling Mei line-up

How does the shuttle fare?

Durability - Enough to last a set most of the time, for a game with about 50% smashing. Very apparent once the shuttle need to be replaced. 

Performance - Nice and consistent performance at the proper speeds. Shuttle itself does not feel heavy nor light - in the middle.

Cost - At RM68 per tube in the shop in Johor, it is priced at the lower end of the upper bracket.

In summary, this shuttle provides a good alternative to the established products with similar pricing as it provides good consistent performance with reasonable durability. Why? Because the established products in that price range has either performance or durability but not a decent balance of both these attributes.