Monday, February 1, 2016

Revisit - Protech Masterpiece

Found sample in hall of the Masterpiece with new logo. We stop using it quite a number of years ago.

One of my regular's playing with a group using the Masterpiece tells me they typically use 3 shuttles for a moderate game eg 30-40% of the shots were smashes

Friday, January 8, 2016

Apacs AF 700

Adding the APACS Aero-Flight 700 to the library for future review.

Found following sample in hall. Never use before but has budget cork structure.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Revisit - Xzile RF-X3

For the past few months, I have been joining a weekend group using the Xzile Razor Flight X3 aka RF-X3.

Tube colours for the RF-X3

The good news is that the shuttle has good flight characteristics and the shuttlecock is of average weight.

Archive pix of the shuttle

The bad news is it is not suitable for any smashing game. We tried playing a more intense game using the RF-X3. By 9-points, we had to change 3 shuttles - averaging 3-points per shuttle??? And the game was just getting warm up - we were not smashing that hard yet! We had to tone down the pace of the game (... [spoiling the enjoyment] ... bummer) as the organiser would scream murder!!!

Hence the shuttle is NOT suitable for intense games.

Do shop around as prices can vary between $20-$25 a tube. My personal opinion is that there are much MUCH better products for that price range.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Recent spate of shuttlecock price increases in Malaysia

I visited a sports shop I previously frequent in Johor (aka JB) during the June school holidays and must admit I am glad I no longer provide them any business. 

I was truly flabbergasted by the prices for shuttlecocks in that shop.

My original reason for discontinuing the business relationship was because they refuse to provide any discounts, even with my ever increasing purchases and patronage over the years eg from 5 tube per visit to then, 25 tubes per visit. My recent purchases are even more than the past.

For example. I used to buy a certain brand and model of shuttlecock from this particular shop eg brand&model-A. Pricing details as per below.

Brand&Model-A   MYR (aka Malaysian Ringgit)
Early 2014               57
After CNY               59
EOY 2014               61
After CNY               64
Before Jun2015      67
Jun2015                  71     (after introduction of GST)

Reasonable you say?

I would have agreed until  I saw brand&model-B of shuttlecocks for about RM60 in that JB shop. Reason is because I had recently purchased brand&model-B from a different shop for RM60 and brand&model-A for RM68 (AFTER GST implemented). A friend in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur (aka KL) reported the same brand&model-A for RM69 per tube AFTER GST has been implemented. Guess brand&model-A was popular and they decided to be greedy

Needless to day, we should reduce our purchases from such shops. If we do not, they will became bolder and bolder. We, the consumers then bleed

Note - Understand there has been another round of overall price increases after July2015 at all shops. Main reason quoted was the loss of value by the Malaysian Ringgit (again). Can shuttlecock price changes be then use as a rough inflation gauge of the Malaysian economy? 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

What does the BWF logo on a tube of shuttlecock mean?

The full PDF of requirements can be viewed at PDF from BWF site

In short, the BWF stamp on a tube of shuttlecocks stand for the below. The manufacturer has to remove the logo if it can no longer meet the requirements.

Part1 of table of requirements from BWF PDF

Part2 of requirements from BWF PDF

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dunlop MF08

Found the sample in one of the halls I frequent. Have not used this shuttlecock before and adding to the library.

Cock structure is as per budget shuttlecocks.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Unknown brand#1

Adding to the library for future assessment.

Has flimsy ribcage structure and cork layer alike other previously budget shuttlecocks reviewed .

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Work around for fast/brittle/slower shuttlecocks

I repeat the following procedure every few months after purchasing a new batch of shuttlecocks.

Hope the following tips are useful.

Please note there is no 100% cure but I find the following steps does help.

1. Try out the new batch for 2 sessions
2. Review the used shuttles and ask the regulars for feedback
3. Determine remedial action required
    A. Brittle shuttles
         - need to humidify shuttles
         - have to experiment exposure time to determine what works for you
         - for my current batch of shuttles, I empty the tube and leave the shuttles at normal room 
           temperature for 30-40min (80% humidity in the country)
    B. Softer shuttles
        - need to dry shuttles
        - leave in air condition or room with heater 
        - have to experiment exposure time to determine what works for you
        - previously empty the tube and left the shuttles in the air condition room overnight
    C. Slow shuttles
        - need to dry the shuttles
        - have to experiment exposure time to determine what works for you
       - previously empty the tube and left the shuttles in the air condition room for say 2-3hrs
    D. Fast shuttles
         - need to humidify the shuttles
         - have to experiment exposure time to determine what works for you
         - remove the tube covers and left the tube in the fridge for 3-4hrs
    E. Do nothing
         - this scenario does not occur often